Our Story

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One perfect day, we got ready for some sun: we packed our beach towel and volleyball, threw on cool shades, and applied a generous amount of sunscreen over every imaginable surface - or so we thought. After a day of Frisbee and food, we went home to realize that those glorious sun beams bleached our hair and burnt a part of our bodies that we barely knew existed - our scalps!

We rushed to the store, eager to find a hair care product with sunscreen, but were only able to find ones with some UV filters (the equivalent of SPF 0.5!) and none with actual SPF.

So we pulled up our sleeves and went to it, crafting a line of hair-care products with built-in SPF for great looking hair, long-lasting color, and scalp protection to boot. Realizing that hair needs daily protection even when not at the beach, we added Moroccan Oil, Vitamin B, and wheat protein to ensure year-round healthy hair.

And so Nios Shield was born. A line that styles and protects both hair and scalp - now there's a win-win combination! Style + Protect. That's Nios Shield.