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Introducing the first members in a line of hair-care products with built-in SPF 15 sunscreen. Our products are designed with 1. hair protection 2. scalp protection and 3. great styling power in mind!

Combining SPF sunscreen with powerful styling and ingredients such as Moroccan argan oil, wheat protein, and vitamins, Nios Shield was created to cover the full spectrum of scalp and hair protection. Designed for both men and women, our conditioner tames frizz, shines hair, protects color, and shields the scalp with little-to-no hold. The gel adds a punch of hair styling power to the mix and is meant for styling short hair or adding hold and volume to the roots of long ones. Click on each product to learn more!

We know your hair is quite particular. What kind of hair product with SPF should we make next? Shoot us a note to canyoumakethis@niosshield.com and let us know.